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The 9 Best AI Copywriting Tools (Free & Paid)

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The 9 Best AI Copywriting Tools (Free & Paid)

Artificial intelligence helps you create better marketing copy faster. That is, if you know how to use it and which AI copywriting tools to use.

We did the legwork, reviewing and trialing dozens of platforms to create a list of the best AI copywriting tools available. In our search, we also found several interesting free tools that’ll help you tackle specific copywriting jobs. Read on to see what we found.

How do AI copywriting tools work?

AI copywriting tools are software that combines machine learning algorithms with huge collections of existing content to produce human-sounding marketing copy. You can then use that copy to inspire your own blog posts, landing page content, marketing emails, and more.

The big difference between AI and other software is that AI has a sort of algorithmic intuition. It can comprehend and respond in a more human-like way and learn from each interaction.


Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re stuck on writing a blog post headline about the best copywriting tools (relatable) so you write a prompt in casual language asking for help.

AI copywriting tools - ChatGPT screeshot

Interesting, but I want a little more humor.

AI copywriting tools - Second chatgpt screenshot

Not ready for publication yet. And it ignored my request to remove the colons. But the point is, we didn’t have to start over. The AI can take context from our first interaction and continue from there.

There are dozens of AI copywriting tools designed to solve a variety of challenges. But for the most part, they all take a prompt, review large libraries of content, and iterate on a response that’s more human-like than robot.

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Great uses for AI copywriting tools

It’s best not to think of AI as a copywriter, but as a partner that helps you write better copy more efficiently. Sure, AI can blurt out a whole blog post from a single prompt, but it probably won’t be very good. And it may even be flat out false.

Here are a handful of ways AI can help you create better copy faster:

  • Ideation: Ask your AI tool to suggest 10 blog ideas around a particular topic.
  • A/B testing: Use AI to create a few variants of ad copy to test.
  • SEO: AI tools can help you improve SEO by suggesting how to incorporate keywords into a blog post.
  • Meta descriptions: Some AI copywriting tools can review an image and suggest meta descriptions for it.
  • Busting writer’s block: If you get stuck on how to phrase a description or write a header, prompt your AI tool to give you some alternatives.
  • Surfacing stats: Ask your AI tool to give you current statistics that support a claim (just make sure you verify them).
  • Summarizing content: Many AI tools can pull a transcript from a video or voice recording and create a bullet-point summary.

Not every AI copywriting tool is built for every job. Let’s look at some of the best tools available and what they’re really good at.

Best AI copywriting tools (that aren’t ChatGPT)

These are some of the best AI copywriting tools based on their popularity and from our own experience. We left ChatGPT off this list since it gets a lot of coverage. Plus, we’ve already written about it.


Copy.ai is purpose-built to automate sales and marketing functions—and this includes a bucketload of tools for copywriters. You can use it to inspire outlines, briefs, social media posts, and even personalized marketing emails.

Workflows on Copy.ai make everything plug-and-play. Each workflow is made for a specific purpose, like ideating Facebook posts.

AI copywriting tools - screenshot of a Copy.ai workflow

You just enter information about your keyword, target audience, and so on. In this case, Copy.AI gave us several ad options based on different copywriting frameworks, like problem, agitate, solve (PAS).

AI copywriting tools - Copy.ai output

Cool features

  • Large prompt library
  • Over 90 copywriting tools and workflows
  • Summarize-to-brief tool to turn transcripts into content briefs
  • Personalized email creator
  • Automated content refreshing


Copy.AI offers several pricing tiers that depend on the number of users and how much you’ll use the tool.

The two least expensive are:

  • Free: one user, 2,000 words per month, 200 bonus credits to use on other activities
  • Pro: $36 / month for five users, unlimited words, and 500 workflow credits


Jasper.AI is another popular tool for copywriters that’s built on top of ChatGPT3. Jasper helps you create new content and upgrade things you’ve already written. It’s designed for collaboration and integration so it’ll fit fluidly into how you already work.

Jasper lets you create all the expected written content (blog posts, emails, etc.), and it also generates images to support your campaigns.

AI copywriting tools - four images created by jasper.ai

There are several styles of content you can create like photography, acrylic paint, and ink. Just remember to closely review any image you plan to post. AI is notorious for making small mistakes like the conjoined hands in the top left image here. You want to speed up your work, not give your readers nightmares.

Cool features

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Writing templates
  • Google Docs integration
  • Collaborative content calendar
  • Prompt enhancer


Jasper lets you kick the tool’s tires with a free trial. After that, pricing tiers are built around the number of users and access to different features (e.g. art creation isn’t offered in the Creator plan).

  • Creator: $39 / month for one user and one brand voice
  • Pro: $59 / month for five users, three brand voices, and more features (including art creation)


Describly is part of the Copysmith bundle of AI copywriting tools that also include Frase (SEO) and Ryter (writing assistant). Describly’s superpower is quickly creating or improving product descriptions, titles, and tags for ecommerce websites. The copy it creates is brand-aligned and designed for SEO.

The beauty of Describly is in its singular focus. You don’t have to wade through several menus or pick out the right features. You just connect a catalog and work right from the home screen.

AI copywriting tools - screenshot of describly's tool

You can either start from scratch to have Describly write product descriptions for you. Or you can give it what you already have and ask it to tweak for a new tone. So when your CMO says to make all 8,000 product descriptions “funnier,” you’ll have it done before lunch.

Cool features

  • Integrates with WooCommerce, Google Ads, and other platforms
  • One-click online catalog updates
  • Approval workflow
  • Built-in review moderation
  • Premade templates


Describly offers one flat monthly price and “Power Ups” for additional usage.

  • Base: $28 / month for unlimited AI descriptions of up to 50 products plus unlimited store connectors and product uploads.
  • Powerups: 55 cents per additional credit


If you’re looking to zhuzh up content you’ve already written, then QuillBot is a great AI copywriting tool for you. Just give it a piece of copy and ask it to check for grammatical errors, shorten or expand it, or reword it with a different tone.

AI copywriting tools - QuillBot screenshot

QuillBot is also useful for paraphrasing long, challenging content. Say you’ve been asked to write a post based on a lengthy research report. Paste the report into the QuillBot’s text box and it will produce a quick summary with bullet points.

Cool features

  • Synonym finder
  • AI web research tool
  • Citation generator
  • Co-writing sentence completer
  • Chrome extension


Just like the tool itself, QuillBot’s pricing is simple and straightforward. There are just two pricing tiers differentiated by the number of words you can paraphrase and the features you have access to.

  • Free: 125 words in paraphrase, standard, and fluency modes
  • Premium: $8.33 / month for unlimited words, eight modes (academic, formal, etc.), synonym slider


Writesonic is a bit of a Swiss army knife of an AI copywriting tool. Use it to create content for blogs, chatbots, and ads as well as video, images, and even audio assets. It also has a paraphrasing tool, a text summarizer, and an SEO checker.

One of the most powerful features of Writesonic is its landing page creator. With a few descriptions and product features, you get a basic landing page that’s ready to be tweaked.

Writesonic will create full descriptions of each feature you enter and even add a surprisingly relevant call-to-action button.

AI copywriting tools - landing page created by writesonic

Cool features

  • Voice commands or standard text inputs
  • 25 languages available
  • Publish directly to Shopify, WordPress, or Wix
  • Built-in templates
  • Easy interface


Writesonic has a basic free version that’ll let you test out the interface, but the paid plans give you a lot for the money.

  • Free: Content created by ChatGPT-3.5 (the free one), 10k words, and several integrations.
  • Small Team: $13 / month for content from ChatGPT-4 (which costs to access directly), up to 20k words, and several additional features.

Best free AI copywriting tools

Many of the tools above have some type of free option, but they’re restricted by the features you get to use or the amount you can use them. The tools we’ve listed here have robust free tiers (or are completely free, loke Google Bard) and are used for more specific use cases. You won’t burn through free credits quickly if you’re only using the tool to write press releases or an About Us page.


HeroGuide is a cool little tool that writes up a brand story for your business. Just enter a description of what you do, the problems you solve, and who you solve them for. The AI then writes several versions of your brand story.

AI copywriting tools - screenshot of HeroGuide output

What you get for free

HeroGuide is a simple tool with zero bells and whistles, but you can use it an unlimited number of times completely for free.

Great Headlines

Great Headlines is a free AI copywriting tool that promises to help you “Write headlines like Don Draper in just a few seconds.” You’ll feed the software your content, the target audience, and headline style. Then add some optional parameters like a call to action and brand voice.

AI copywriting tools - headlines written by Great headlines

What you get for free

You get the whole tool for free (there’s not even a request for an email address). You can also sign up for notifications about the upcoming premium version.


Newsletter.ai writes first-draft press releases based on whatever event you’d like to promote. It’s a simple tool that can also improve a press release you’ve already written. Once you give it the details, you’ll get an email with a link and a code to access your press release draft. The tool’s creators recommend you edit the output (like you would with any AI writing).

AI copywriting tools - press release written by newsletter.ai

What you get for free

There’s no noted limit on the number of press releases you can create for free using newswriter.ai. The tool is mostly a lead magnet for the company’s press release distribution services.


Writetone paraphrases existing content or generates new copy for several marketing channels like social media, blogs, and email. In fact, the tool has dozens of use cases and industries to pick from depending on where you’re writing and for whom. So if you need a cold email sequence written for mechanical engineers, Writetone has you covered.

AI copywriting tools - Screenshot of Writetone

What you get for free

Writetone has paid tiers, but we added it here because of how robust the free option is. You have access to the full library of features, tones, and content types with no charge. And you can create or update 30,000 characters (around 12 pages) of copy every month.

How do you get high-quality copy from AI copywriting tools?

Once you’ve picked some AI copywriting tools to try out, it’ll help to have a plan for how to use them.

Use AI as a starting point

There are marketers using AI tools to scrape blog topics from existing websites and create hundreds of posts in a few days for quick traffic. But those gains are sometimes short-lived as Google can cut off the traffic to low-value content in an instant.

The better strategy is to use AI as a writing partner to bounce ideas off of. Ask it to rewrite something you’re struggling with. Or get a list of headlines that might offer a word or structure you hadn’t thought of.

Factcheck and edit

Not all AI tools have the latest content to learn from. Much of the verbiage they choose sounds bland. And sometimes they provide false information.

AI copywriting tools - Chatgpt response with incorrect data


That’s why it’s critical that you closely review and edit any AI-generated content. And as we’ve seen, that goes doubly true for images.

Add personal experience and original data

Your goal as a marketer is rarely to blend in. To stand out against a sea of AI sameness, you’ll need to interject some original statistics, unique stories, and a voice that doesn’t sound like the exact tone everyone else will get from their AI tools.

In fact, the increased importance of original data and experiences was one of the top content marketing trends we noticed.

FAQs about AI copywriting tools

We covered a lot of ground. But there are a few questions we see a lot and are worth answering on their own.

Which is the best tool for AI copywriting?

This is a bit like asking which is the best hammer. Each tool has features and use cases that fit different needs and users. To find yours, start with the descriptions we gave above, and trial a few to see which suits your needs best.

Is AI copywriting legal?

It’s currently legal to use content created by AI as long as it doesn’t directly copy another copyrighted work verbatim. There are lawsuits and legality discussions in the works that could change how AI content is regulated, though. For now, it’s best to use a plagiarism checker to make sure your AI tool hasn’t drafted a nearly exact copy of something that already exists.

Can Google detect AI copywriting?

Google suggests that its systems can identify AI content. However, as long as the search engine deems the copy to be high quality (and meeting its E-E-A-T standards), it’s allowed and will not be punished on search engine results pages.

Find your ideal AI copywriting tool

AI copywriting tools take on lots of forms for many different functions. The key to finding the right one is structured experimentation.

Start by laying out the most challenging and friction-filled parts of your job. Look for AI tools with features to meet them. Then test each one for its output and user interface. This process will make sure you’re choosing software that solves your unique challenges.

Here are the best overall AI copywriting tools:

  • Copy.ai
  • Jasper.ai
  • Describly
  • QuillBot
  • Writesonic

Here are the best free AI copywriting tools:

  • HeroGuide
  • Great Headlines
  • Newsletter.ai
  • Writetone

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