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Friday, April 19, 2024

Samsung Mid-Range Phones To Buy In 2023

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Samsung offers a diverse range of mobile phones to cater to varying budgets and design preferences, including high-end options like the Galaxy Fold.

Assume you also find yourself in a middle ground, looking for affordable Samsung with outstanding features in 2023.

In that case, there’s also a Samsung phone in the market. Let’s look at the best Samsung mid-range phones in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy A23

Samsung Galaxy A23
Samsung Galaxy A23

First on our list is the Samsung Galaxy A23. Compared to the 5G version released this year, this one has a 4G network. The phone comes in both single and double SIM designs.


Like the later version in 2023, this version also boasts a 50 MP back camera and an 8 MP front camera. The phone comes with the Android 12 OS, which is upgradeable to Android 13.

It has internal memory in the ranges – 64GB/4GB RAM, 64GB/6GB RAM, 128GB/4GB, and 128GB/8GB RAM. It also accommodates an external SD card to expand the phone’s memory capacity. Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy A23 boasts a 5000 mAh battery capacity.

What We Like

  • Affordable price
  • Great performance
  • The phone uses a USB Type-C, making it look modern
  • Gorilla glass
  • Fingerprint sensor

Price: #140,000 (the internal memory space also affects the price range.)

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Mid-range Phones in 2023
Galaxy S9

Released in 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is still one of Samsung’s best Android phones and is still fashionable even in 2023.

The curved 5.8-inch screen gives the phone a beautiful shape, plus the screen is made out of Gorilla Glass 5. The phone is designed to come with dual SIM or just a single SIM. Samsung Galaxy S9 has a type-C USB that enables fast charging, reducing the charging time.

The back camera is 8 MP, while the front camera is 8 MP. Samsung S9 also boasts of high internal memory capacity starting from 64GB/4GB RAM to 128GB/4GB RAM and 256GB/4GB RAM. The memory is also expandable with an external memory stick.

In contrast to the previous phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 runs on Android 8.0 OS, which is upgradable to Android 10.0 OS.

What We Like

  • The curved screen that gives it its sleek design
  • Internal memory capacity reaching 256GB
  • Comes in multiple colours, giving users different choices based on the colour.
  • Fingerprint
  • Wireless charging

Price: #167,000 (Internal memory also affects the price)

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G

M53 5G
M53 5G

The Samsung M series is another spectacular Android phone from Samsung. Unlike the S and A series, which are expensive because they come with 5G, this Samsung M53 5G comes with a friendly price for users looking to join the 5G family.

Similar to the previously mentioned phones, the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is available in both single and dual SIM variants.

The phone has an Android 12 OS and can be upgraded to the latest Android OS. It comes with a 6.7-inch screen display protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The phone’s internal memory is 128GB, and the RAM size is either 6 GB or 8 GB. The back camera is 108 MP, while the front is 32 MP.

The phone not only boasts a 5000 mAh Li-Ion battery but also has the capability for fast charging. This makes the phone very enjoyable to use.

What We Like

  • Fast charging
  • Impressive battery capacity
  • Comes with 5G and at a mid-range price

Price: #157,500

Samsung Galaxy M32 5G

Samsung Mid-range Phones in 2023
Galaxy M32 5G

More affordable than the Galaxy M53 5G phone, the Samsung Galaxy M32 also comes with a 5G network for users looking for a more budget-friendly Samsung mobile phone with a network capacity. In comparison to the M53 5G, the Samsung Galaxy M32 5G has a slightly less impressive camera, but it remains functional for its intended purposes. The back camera is 48 MP, while the front is 13 MP.

The screen display size measures 6.5 inches. It also has a Gorilla 5 glass for the screen protection. The memory size of the Samsung Galaxy M32 5G is 128GB, and like the M53, it comes with either 6 GB or 8 GB RAM. Thanks to its memory card slot, it has an expandable storage memory with an SD card.

What We Like

  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a 5G network
  • 5000 mAh battery capacity
  • Impressive screen display

Price: #100,000

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung S10

Samsung S10


Sitting on number 5 is the Samsung Galaxy s10. The Samsung Galaxy S10 offers significant improvements over the S8. However, selecting the fifth spot among the best Samsung Mid-range Phones in 2023 was a challenging decision.

The reason the S10 has it is because it’s much newer and is upgradable to the latest Android OS. Still, I love the S8’s sleek design.

However, the Galaxy s10 also has a sleek design in different colours. To protect the 6.1-inch screen, the phone has two Gorilla Glasses – the front is Gorilla Glass 6, and the back is Gorilla Glass 5. The screen display of the S10 is crisp and clear.

It was released in 2019 and comes with Android 9.0, which is upgradable to Android 12. This phone has the highest internal memory on this list, ranging from – 128GB/6GB RAM, 128GB/8GB RAM and 512GB/8GB. It has a 40 MP back camera and a 10 MP front camera.

What We Like

  • The fingerprint sensor is on the screen
  • The phone comes in a variety of colours
  • Wireless charging is possible

Price: #200,000 (Depends on the internal memory size)


No matter what you want to use the phone you buy for, whether gaming or even creating content, be sure, these Samsung mid-range phones will perform excellently to meet your needs.

Before you choose the perfect mid-range Samsung phone for yourself, ensure it reaches your taste.

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