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In the face-off between luxury manufacturers BMW and Lexus, there are some amazing vehicles in the running. And critics have taken on the challenge of pitting these two automakers against each other, class by class. While both tend to dominate in a few key categories. However, there is one clear winning brand that might influence your next car-buying decision. Which of them is it?

Critics at U.S. News and World Report took a closer look at the family of vehicles offered by both BMW and Lexus. The reviewers assign point values based on various criteria for each class.

It becomes a head-to-head evaluation of luxury sedans, luxury SUVs, luxury sports cars, hybrid variations, and super luxury cars. With strong vehicle contenders in each of these categories, it would be a close-point race, for sure.

Categories Where the Lexus & BMW Compete

Both BMW and Lexus have several vehicles that stack up well within each segment. In this particular comparison, both automakers tie in the super-luxury car class. The 2020 BMW 7 Series, as well as the 2020 Lexus LS, earned identical point values of 8.2 on a scale of up to a possible 10 points.

It is also important to note just how similar these two luxury brands are in designing safe vehicles with comparable fuel economy and cutting-edge technology. But the line is drawn in several vehicle categories, and there is one predominant leader of luxury.

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The BMW Wins in this Comparison, Why?

Lexus vs. BMW: Which is the Best Car for Your Income

Dominating six different vehicle segments, it’s evident that BMW is the epitome of upscale luxury and knows a few things about competing in the luxury arena. In the luxury small and midsize divisions, the 2020 2 Series, 2021 BMW 3 Series, and 2020 BMW 5 Series each out-scored Lexus.

BMW owns Lexus in the SUV classes, as well. Subcompact, compact, midsize, and large crossover segments all rank BMW vehicles with the highest scores. These include the 2020 BMW X1, the 2021 X3, the 2020 BMW X5, and the 2020 BMW X7. Citing powerful engines, athletic handling, and extreme comfort and convenience, Lexus models couldn’t compete.

Which of the Luxury Rides is Best for You?

In this comparison, the playing field was level, and both Lexus and BMW scored well. But in the end, BMW just outranked the Lexus at nearly every turn. It’s important, though, as you consider which luxury brand is best for you, to consider your preferences.


For example, if a hybrid or electric variation is your priority, then Lexus beats BMW in this same comparison scoring system. And both automakers are leaders in design, amenities, infotainment, and quality materials. Reliability ratings, safety scores, and style preference will also play a role in which badge you end up buying.

If you plan to invest in a luxury vehicle, this latest comparison ranking might help you come to your final decision. In the end, some car buyers are simply loyal to their trusted automaker brands based on past experiences alone.

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And while BMW comes out ahead in this comparison, it doesn’t make it better than the Lexus. In any arena, both produce and design plush driving experiences. Only you can find your perfect vehicle.

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