How To Install and Use ChatGPT Plugins Like Canva

Graphic design tool Canva now has a ChatGPT plugin, making it easier than ever to generate visuals for social media and more.

Canva is a graphic design tool that’s especially useful for creating visuals for social media, Now, it’s even easier to use Canva thanks to a ChatGPT plugin that lets the OpenAI chatbot do most of the heavy lifting for you, adding to the list of potential ways to make money with ChatGPT.
Here’s how to install the Canva ChatGPT plugin and use it once you’re up and running.
How To Install the New Canva ChatGPT Plugin
Before you get started installing plugins on ChatGPT, one thing to know is that you’ll need to be running the premium ChatGPT Plus version of the platform. It costs $20 a month and, among other things, gives you access to the latest GPT-4 model. Currently, free ChatGPT users have a waitlist for getting access to plugin functionality.
If you’re all set up and logged in on a Plus account, then you should find it straightforward to get the Canva plugin for ChatGPT. Here’s how.
1. Open ChatGPT in your browser
2. Navigate to the Plugin section by hovering over the GPT-4 icon and clicking ‘Plugins’
3. Click the arrow next to the GPT-4 button, then go to the Plugin Store
4. Search for Canva
5. Click ‘Install’
That’s all there is to it. This process will work for installing ChatGPT plugins in general, with Slack, Zapier, and Expedia as just some of the other big-name platforms that now have direct integrations with the popular AI platform.
How To Use the Canva Plugin on ChatGPT
Now that you’ve got the Canva ChatGPT plugin installed, you can start using it. Fortunately, this is every bit as easy as installing the add-on in the first place.
Just follow these simple steps.
1. In the ChatGPT prompt box, describe what you want to create. For example: “I am a B2B technology website. Create me a Twitter/X banner.”
2. ChatGPT will create several options for the visual you have requested.
3. Click on the link above the one you want to use to open it in Canva
4. Once redirected, you can finalize the design in Canva, share and download it
As you can see from the example above, Canva is a particularly useful tool for digital marketing, branding, and promotional purposes.
With AI-generated content already one of the social media trends taking 2023 by storm, Canva’s new ChatGPT plugin offers further proof of AI’s potential in the workplace.

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